How do I get to Kvikkjokk?

Kvikkjokk is located 120 km NW of Jokkmokk. It is a good road all the way up and it is maintained both summer and winter.

Bus leaves from Jokkmokk, see current timetable at

Is there a store in Kvikkjokk?

No, the last opportunity to shop is in Jokkmokk.

Is it possible to drink the water when we are out hiking?

Yes, the water that runs in streams is of the best quality so equip yourself with a cuddle hanging in the sharpener and take every opportunity to enjoy.

How cold can it be in the winter?

It can get really cold, in December and January it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to -30 degrees. Remember to have good clothes, layers in stock are the best. Also keep in mind that even in the cabin it can be a bit chilly on the floor so were equipped with proper socks.

Is it many mosquitos during the summer?

Yes, it can be many mosquitos from midsummer until the beginning of August. Be equipped with mosquito repellent and keep doors and windows closed in the cabin.

When is the best time to see the Northern lights?

Clear dark evenings and nights from September to March are a good time to see the Northern lights, but even in the fall, it can show up if the conditions are good.

Where can we drive snowmobile?

In Kvikkjokk there are many and fine snowmobile trails. The Association "På Spåret Kvikkjokk" works intensively for the trails to be well prepared, please become a guest member, see information at there Facebook page.


Are there bedlinens?

You bring your own bedlinen or sleeping bag. Bedlinen is also available for rent, notify it when you make your reservation.

Is there a toilet and shower?

In Lodge Nammatj there are both toilet and shower. In Lodge Snjerak there is a toilet.

Is there a sauna?

No, unfortunately we have no sauna.

Are there kettles and coffee makers?

Yes, there is in both cabin, in Lodge Snjerak there is also a microwave.

Is there a fireplace and is wood included?

Yes, there is a fireplace in both cabins and we make sure that there are wood for a first fire but if you want to fire throughout your stay you have to bring wood yourself.

Where can we park?

At the cabins there is room for one car per cabin. If you come in several cars there are larger public free parking in the village.