Cabins in Kvikkjokk

A small corner of the world

At the end of the road you will meet the small mountain village of Kvikkjokk. 

The road to Kvikkjokk is beautiful and offers many opportunities for breaks and experiences. Meeting both reindeer and moose is more a rule than an exception. 

Kvikkjokk is the natural starting point for hiking in Sarek and Padjelanta National Parks. There is also proximity to the World Heritage Laponia. 

Below the village, the rivers Kamajokk and the Tarra River flow together in Saggat, which creates the fantastic Kvikkjokks delta. The roar of the Kamajokk river is widely heard and offers plenty of space for a close up view of the water's mighty progress. 

Kvikkjokk is surrounded by the mountains of Snjerak and Nammatj, who has give their name to our cabin, as well as Prinskullen. These peaks can be visited both summer and winter and give you spectacular views. 

In Kvikkjokk, there are few residents, but the small mountain village are attractive both summer and winter by both long-distance guests as well as those who have built there own cabin and found a breathing hole from everyday stress and must. 

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