23% Discount! LODGE SNJERAK

Strong booking discount June, July and August 2024 - LODGE SNJERAK -

400 meters from Kvikkjokk's church is the cottage Snjerak.

A larger cabin with room for 4 people.

In the sleeping loft there are two double beds (120 cm) and in the bedroom on the lower level there is a bunk bed with room for 2 people.

In the family room there is a dining area as well as a sofa and cast iron stove. Small kitchen with hot and cold water, stove and oven. Refrigerator and freezer. Kitchen equipment for 4 people as well as kettle, coffee maker and microwave.

The cabin has a small WC with toilet and sink with hot and cold water.

There is no shower in the cabin.


Per night (regular price SEK 1285).                                           Summer price 2024: SEK 999

All prices including VAT