About us

Kaskaivo Resort AB is a small company that wants to make Kvikkjokk accessible to visitors during all seasons of the year. We currently offer two cabins for rent, but can also help you to communicate with activities companies that offer activities both summer and winter.

Pia has her roots in Kvikkjokk, on her mother's side, and has spent all the holidays and weekends in the village during her upbringing. She thrives here both summer and winter, although spring winter with snowmobiling is by far the most important season. Pia has four girls who, of course, also have a great love for the village, although there is still much else to attract them. But during the snowmobile season, they also hook on without hesitation.

Robert was born and raised in Vuollerim, about 40 km south of Jokkmokk. His family also spent the winter holidays in Kvikkjokk, in a rented cabin, and also devoted themselves to snowmobiling and fishing. Robert has two adult sons and the hope is that they too will find there way to Kvikkjokk sometime.